Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New revision!

A new revision of the book is available in the links on the left.  I added chapters on anti-oxidants, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and supplements in view of recent studies, especially on the potential for protein cycling to benefit cardiovascular outcomes. The WordPress editor is a real bear and I've yet to figure out how to make a link to the middle of a page.  Instead I directed the footnotes directly to their sources and have updated the links to PDFs where available.


Michael Holmes said...

Dear Ron Mignery,

I am a journalist from Germany and I have been experimenting with an alternate day protein restriction diet like the one described in your inspiring book. I have two questions for you: 1. How much protein shall I eat on the non restriction days? I am also trying to reap the longevity benefits of exercise, so I wonder how big my extra calorie needs are. I do a lot of light activities like standing and walking, two HIIT-workouts and one endurance training a week. I don't aim for maximizing muscles, but life years. Can you estimate how much protein may be optimal for that? Can I just eat more protein on the HIIT-days? Do I need to?
2. Do you know how much protein centenarians consume? Shouldn't we see a clear picture of low protein?
Thank you so much for your great work. I can keep you updated on my experiments if you are interested.

Michael Holmes
Potsdam, Germany

remig said...

Since you are not interested in adding unneeded muscle mass, I would not worry about insufficient protein. Let your appetite and weight scale be your guides. I don't think anyone knows how much protein centenarians consume.

Michael Holmes said...

Thanks for your answer. Do you believe too much protein on the non-fasting-days disrupts autophagy?
May I recommend that you write a shorter and easier version of your book some time? For a lay person like me it's very difficult and a little confusing... and the basic idea is very fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ron,

Thank you for everything you have done, I truly appreciate your work on fasting and protein cycling. I have one question:

I have an autoimmune condition which in the past has responded really well to water fasts. This could have just been down to the reduction in protein. If I start protein cycling, is it totally necessary to cycle protein intake instead of just eating a low protein diet entirely? I know you recommend protein cycling to prevent disease, but if you already have a disease is it different? Would a low protein diet be superior to protein cycling?

Thank you in advance

remig said...

The cycling is to induce autophagy to hopefully reduce the misfolded protein populations that underlie neurodegenerative diseases. I do not know what connection if any that misfolded proteins have with autoimmune diseases. You will have to do the experiment yourself. Let me know how it turns out.

Fabrizio Duranti said...

Hi, I am an Italian doctor, I read your book and I liked it. Did you also write some scientific paper on this issue? If so can you give me the link?
Thank you very much


Brent said...

Hello Professor Mignery,

I hope your work on protein folding continues to go well. I am very interested in your protein cycling book. It seems like a diet like this would more accurately mimic what our ancestors ate.

My question is why you suggest eating carbohydrates instead of fat on low protein days? Perhaps either one would work from a protein cycling and autophagy point of view?

Personally I am way too close to being diabetic to want to try several high carb days per week.

Would high fat, low carb and protein also stimulate autophagy?


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